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Meinl is always looking to create new things for drummers and better ways to do that, so there is a lot of innovation in what they do and how they do it. Meinl innovations aren't limited to just designing new cymbals. Meinl extends to how those cymbals are made, the fact that they are the first to use four types of bronze and that they also offer such a wide variety of traditional and modern sounds. Of course Meinl respect tradition, but really, the future is where they are going.

Drummers continually tell Meinl how they become inspired by playing their cymbals. They are inspired by the new sounds that they hear and feel, which at the same time hones and shapes their personal drum style. This is the biggest compliment for Meinl, as well as the driving force behind all their activities! It encourages Meinl to develop new sounds and to push their creativity farther forward.

From drummers for drummers! Experienced and motivated individuals, who are all drummers themselves, form Meinl executive and creative team. This team plans all of their activities, manages their promotional campaigns and creates inspiring cymbal sounds. Some of Meinl top artists take part in this process also. Meinl is proud to say that they are drummers first!

Only Meinl uses 6 different alloys for crafting cymbals, which is more than any other cymbal maker is using today. Because of that, they are able to offer the widest selection of basic cymbal sound characteristics available. Striving for the realization of any possible sound idea makes it necessary to have this diversity, the background in and knowledge of all those different materials.

Meinl warrants all Meinl Cymbals from defects in material or workmanship. If the product shows any sign of material or workmanship defect, they will replace it at no charge for a period of TWO years commencing on the date of original retail purchase.


Meinl USA L.C.
3427 Ambrose Ave.
TN 37207 Nashville
Phone: 877-886-3465